Get Rid of Double Chin – Ways to Lose That Double Chin for Good!

No matter how you view yourself, or how anyone else views you:  overweight, underweight, young or old, no one will ever say to himself, “I wish I had a double chin!”  And for the millions of people that have this common feature, the desire to get rid of a double chin can be overwhelming.get rid of double chin

To understand how to get rid of double chin problems, we must first understand some of the common causes such as heredity,
lack of proper posture, obesity, age and lack of proper types of exercise or living a predominantly sedentary lifestyle.

There are, however, things you can do that will help you get rid of double chin problems and keep them away for good.

Practice Proper Posture

This single activity can sometimes be the quickest and most effective solution where results may be seen immediately.  The two most important keys to this solution are:  keep your back straight with shoulders back, and hold your chin high.  This will allow any loose or sagging skin, common in older people, people who have lost a lot of weight or overweight people, to tighten up, and give the appearance of a more slender chin.

Eat Properly and Get Adequate Exercise

There are no two ways around it:  people who are overweight are more likely to have problems with a double chin (and other potentially dangerous health concerns).  Along with the midsection, the face and neck are also very common places for excess fat to be stored.  As a result, it is important to maintain proper eating habits and exercise regularly.

Just exercising the head and neck region, in most cases, will not be enough because losing weight in a single area of the body is impossible without losing weight in other areas.  Think of your abdominal region.  You may do a thousand sit ups a day, and have the perfect abs, but if there is a layer of fat covering them, no one will ever notice your gorgeous “six pack”.  Getting rid of a double chin by losing weight in that region alone offers the same challenge.

Therefore, your best chance of success is to try a mixture of cardiovascular (or aerobic) exercise and resistance or weight training (or anaerobic) exercise.  This will allow you to burn excess calories most efficiently.  When you combine this with eating a healthy diet consisting of plenty of fruits, vegetables and lean protein, getting rid of your double chin should be a snap!!

Chew Gum to Get Rid of Double Chin

Believe it or not there is one off the wall thing that has been known to be effective at helping people get rid of a double chin: chewing gum. Double chin exercises often imitate the exact movement you make with your chin while chewing gum so it makes perfect sense that chewing gum could help reduce or eliminate your double chin.

Chew sugar free gum to keep the calorie count low and so that you don’t exchange a double chin for damaged teeth.

There are, of course other methods to get rid of double chin such as neck and chin exercises, cosmetic surgery and even makeup that will help in different degrees.  Each of these will be discussed in future articles.  No matter what process is used, know that not every potential solution will work the same way for everyone.  Be patient and don’t be afraid to try several methods simultaneously to get maximum results.

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The Face Fitness Formula has been used successfully by 20,000+ people with great reviews, and has been highly sought after by many people all over the world.  Keep reading for an honest Face Fitness Formula review that will help you decide whether or not this proven program is right for you. Continue reading

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